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Law School Mindset: Should You Have One?

law school mindset

Last 06 August 2022 (Saturday), the law firm, MAD Law, invited me to be one of their guest lecturers/speakers for their law school preparation webinar. Atty. Miles Fajardo, one of the firm’s managing partners, gave me the task to talk about the topic law school mindset and how having the right one can help anyone in surviving – more so – thriving in law school.

The Law School Preparation Webinar

The law school preparation webinar had over 100 sign ups, and it started at 1:00 p.m. My fellow lecturers and the rest of the founding partners of MAD Law, namely Atty. Joel Duquitan and Atty. Arthur Asuncion, addressed some of the most compelling issues in law school such as the systematic study of law, law school hacks and tips, and the like. 

law school mindset
Atty. Joel Duquiatan addressing some of the attendees’ pressing law school preparation concerns.
law school mindset
Atty. Arthur Asuncion’s turn to lecture.

The esteemed partners of MAD Law gave comprehensive lectures during the first half of the webinar. The points they raised were valuable and never-been-taught elsewhere. How I wish I had these types of resources or lectures during my time as a newbie law student.

Having the Right Mindset to Thrive in Law School

I’m honored to have been given the topic of law school mindset as the focus of my webinar presentation. Having the right mindset for law school is one of the most underrated aspects of law school preparation. For me, a law student who doesn’t know how to have the right mindset for law school either quits or struggles so badly in their law school journey. 

law school mindset

Meanwhile, if you want to join a tribe of like-minded aspiring/future lawyers, feel free to check out the LAWYER SOON Facebook group — a community I established with Filipino future lawyers, like you, in mind.

Happy studying!

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