House Bill No. 5634: On Sierra Madre Protection and Development

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The protection of the Sierra Madre mountain range is such an underrated measure. In view of the debilitating effects of the recent severe flooding of some parts of the Cagayan Valley province and other areas outlying this mountain range, I agree that it’s high time to have a law that will holistically address the issues besetting the area. (This issue is close to my heart because the Siuagan clan hail from Cagayan Valley.)

We may recall that the Sierra Made mountain range primarily acts as the country’s “fortress” against typhoons. While it may not completely halt the typhoons coming our way, it’s instrumental in decreasing their strength, and consequently, mitigating their debilitating effects. Moreover, Sierra Made is haven to the La Mesa Watershed Reservation and the Upper Marikina River Basin River Protected Landscapes, alongside other protected forests and areas (Ichimura). Thus, there really is a compelling need to protect and preserve the whole span of said mountain range.

On that note, kudos to Rep. Atty. Fidel Nograles for filing a bill that shall institutionalize not just the protection but also the development of the Sierra Madre.

May this measure eventually become a law anytime soon.

Read more of it here.

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