Little Things That Have a BIG Impact on a Home’s Resale Value

If you’re ready to sell your property, you might be excited about the market and think that you know what to expect: but your job isn’t done yet!  There are some things every homeowner should do before putting their house on the market if they want to make sure they can get the most money possible for it.

These are the top little things that have a huge impact on every home’s resale value.

How Updated the Interior Is

The interior of a home should feel welcoming and done, as though the buyer could move in tomorrow and not feel like they have to update anything.  Although you can add a little quirk or two to give it personality, it shouldn’t be anything so drastic that a buyer would complain about it and talk their way out of the entire home.

How Recently the Roof Was Installed

When was your roof replaced?  If it’s due to be replaced again within the next five years: it’s time to replace it yourself.  Although this might feel wasteful, no home buyer wants to drop this kind of money soon after buying a home.  You can factor the roof price into the house, but you shouldn’t try to pass off an older roof as something a buyer would be interested in.

How Old the Siding Is

Similar to the roof, the siding tells a lot about the home.  Not only does it tell buyers how well you’ve maintained the property throughout the years, but it also gives them a quick moment to check and see that they’re in good shape, which means the insulation and wood or brick behind the siding is probably in good condition.

Although you should replace your siding if it’s older, if it’s new and just dirty from pollen or dust, you can rent a power washer for less than a hundred dollars for a day, and this will allow you to deep clean all of the gross bits off of the siding.  Similar to how you may wonder ‘what is my home worth,’ you should consider what it looks like it’s worth to an outsider.

How Clean and Well Cared For It Is

Buyers don’t want to walk into a property and see the grime of whoever lived there before them.  To take care of this, pay attention to which parts of the home you deep clean, and make sure to put a lot of focus on the bathrooms and kitchen.  Although you should deep clean your entire home, these are the two spaces that stand out the most to buyers, so they should be the spaces you deep-clean the best.

Buyers Are Desperate: But Still Trying to Lowball Prices

Although the market is wild, buyers are still trying to drop prices as low as they can grasp them.  Counter this by creating a space with such clear value that they won’t be able to try and short your home’s value.  You worked hard on this space; make sure you get paid what you deserve.

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